Foresight Wiki

Over the last week I’ve spent some time implementing the new wiki structure and content discussed at Foresight 20/20 .

All the spaces have been consolidated into 6 major spaces (plus the newsletter):

  • Community
  • Development
  • Documentation and Howtos
  • FAQ
  • Foresight 1.x
  • Getting Involved

Content was moved around to the correct spaces. This has resulted in relative links need to be updated on some pages, and the wiki links now reflect the move to the new space, but this is minor in the scheme of things.

Some very old and outdated information, especially on pages that only had one or two sentences, was removed or consolidated into one page.

The major to-dos remaining include updating the Get Involved sub-team pages with team members and outstanding tasks where missing, moving some 1.4 development specific information in to the 1.x space, and the Community space in providing more information on current members, developers, and how to join. Additionally, I want the Community space to be transparent in to the workings of Foresight. I also need to add some missing Focus meeting minutes, and make sure I update that information more often as needed.

The beauty of a wiki is anyone can edit it – so jump in and help out!

Paul Cutler
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