This may only amuse me, but the number of searches on my blog for “ubuntu banshee 0.98.2” has skyrocketed in the last day or two since Banshee’s recent release.

Just another reason to use Foresight! Conary’s ability to write a recipe to create a package is easier than almost every distribution out there. This gives us the ability not only to add packages quickly, but to maintain Foresight as a rolling distribution. After testing packages, we can keep our distribution up to date without having to have two major releases a year like most distributions do today. Think 0.98.2 will be in Ubuntu? Think again! (Not that I’m trying to start a flame war with Ubuntu, we each have our pros and cons).

Even Aaron Bockover, Banshee’s lead developer commented on his blog:

@trettle: First off, thanks! Ubuntu packages should be on their way, but it’s really up to those in the Ubuntu community to contribute the packaging. The Foresight guys always have packages available minutes after an upstream release, for instance. It would be nice to see someone do the same for Ubuntu.

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