Foresight 2.0 Bittorrent Client: Deluge

One of the criticisms Foresight 1.x and 2.0 have been dinged for is lack of a good bittorrent client included in the official repositories.

Yesterday Antonio (aka doniphon) officially committed Deluge to the Foresight 2.0 (still alpha!) repository. I am happy to report after a night of testing, it works wonderfully! Thank you Antonio!

Get it: sudo conary update deluge

pscott has maintained Deluge in his personal repository for 1.x (due to some Boost issues, I believe), which has also worked well for Foresight 1.x. (Thanks pscott!) If you’re using Foresight 1.4.2, you can install it via:

<br /> sudo conary update


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