Innovate! Innovate!

(Said in a Dalek voice:)

Innovate! Innovate! Innovate! Innovate!

GUADEC , the annual GNOME user and developer conference, is in full swing in England right now. One of my favorite times of the year as a GNOME user, all the GNOME developers get together and blog about all the cool stuff they’re working on, or want to be working on.

I continue to be personally excited about Havoc’s vision for enabling an online desktop. This isn’t the first time he’s discussed this, or I’ve blogged about. First, go read the keynote presentation from GUADEC. I strongly agree with this vision of the future, and get excited just thinking about it.

Havoc’s blog links to a new wiki page for the Online Desktop . Right now, it’s one simple page covering the philosophy, and hosting the presentation and screencast mockups. (This is a small thing, but what I like about this wiki page is that it’s GNOME branded. This isn’t a Red Hat thing – this is a thing that all GNOME users and developers should give some thought to, tying back to the GNOME 3.0 / Project Topaz discussions).

Havoc’s expounds on the keynote in his blog . He shares his high level thoughts around the privacy issue, data hosting, and proprietary nature of some of the web services users would want to use. Well worth a read.

I’m enjoying the other GUADEC updates via Planet GNOME, and I thought the Multi-user Desktop presentation was well worth the read.

I need to continue to be more active in GNOME, and one of these years attend GUADEC.

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