Foresight Newsletter Issue 5 Released

The July newsletter is officially out the door. (And I need to stop waiting until the last day of the month to publish and give the translators time to translate).

This month we take a look at the new logo (!), the 2.0 release schedule (one of the more commonly asked questions in IRC), installing packages from rPath repositories outside the default Foresight repositories (yes, people, if you have to, you can install Amarok, but why?!) and one of pscott’s and my favorite pieces of eye candy, Avant Window Navigator . And more!

I really enjoyed writing the AWN howto – it is the first package featured in the newsletter that is not installed by default in Foresight. It was also nice to publish the upcoming 2.0 release schedule publically. It makes the 2.0 release feel more tangible, and puts a stake in the ground we can all work to.

I’m also looking for help in writing the newsletter – anything! Feature a package, a howto, you name it. Help in the wiki or email me stuff and I’ll collaborate on it. This isn’t a one man show. Read it here and don’t forget you can also subscribe to the feed in your favorite feedreader, just add

And thanks for reading the newsletter! Enjoy!

Paul Cutler
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