Bladerunner DVD Details

One of my new favorite blogs to read, Total Dick-head, devoted to everything Philip K. Dick, has the details on the next Bladerunner DVD release, via DavisDVD .

I love Bladerunner – it was really the Director’s Cut being released in theaters that really got me into it, as I remember going to the Oriental in Milwaukee to watch it, and just being blown away. The first DVD release was pretty poor – it was basically just the Laserdisc version slapped on to DVD without being remastered, and the quality is iffy at best. Bladerunner is by far the best adapation of a Philip K. Dick story (though A Scanner Darkly is the truest adaption), and the story, the visuals, and the acting were all top notch.

I eagerly await this release on DVD! Read the details on the 5 disc box set here.

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