Switched to Foresight Linux

It’s official: I’ve switched to Foresight from Ubuntu on my main computer. As I posted a few days ago in my review of Foresight, I’ve been really impressed with the distribution and the community around Foresight. The community was what made the decision easy. I would have never believed even two weeks ago that I’d have a different distribution than Ubuntu on my computer, but here we are.

Installed the brand new 1.01 release this morning, installed and configured everything to my needs (Nvidia Drivers, Compiz, Bluefish, etc), restored my data, and I’m all set. Copying my music over and importing in to Banshee as we speak. I need to learn how to install a development package, Jokosher specifically, so I can get back to creating my first Podcast. (Audacity isn’t in the repos, as it isn’t a GNOME-ish application).

I’ve signed up for the mailing lists , created my Wiki and Bug Tracking accounts (and submitted my first bug report), and look forward to joining, and more importantly, contributing to the Foresight community.

Paul Cutler
Father. Husband. Vinyl Music Lover. Football fan. Python student. He / him.