Quake Wars gets a release date

Michael Larabel, of Phoronix fame, has a blog post noting that Gamestop has started pre-orders for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars , and Best Buy will begin pre-orders on April 12th, with the game being released on June 5th, the first time I’ve seen a release date assigned.

As I’ve noted previously, this is the first time in a long time I’ve been this excited over a game release. Since I gave up Windows 2 years ago after being a hardcore gamer for many years, I’ve cut way back on my gaming, and have pretty much turned into a console gamer. I still play Battlefield 2 about twice a month at a buddy’s house who has an extra PC set up for me, which is quite fun when playing with friends in a squad. I’m hoping ET:QW takes the squad based, objective elements to a new level for a first person shooter. That, and it’s the Doom3 engine, so it will be gorgeous. Once UT2k7 comes out later this year, I should have plenty to keep me busy gaming on the Linux platform.

I did have UT2k4, Doom3 and Quake IV installed on my Linux PC, which reminds me I need to get it installed on my new Foresight installation, and throw up a wiki page for installing 3D games on Foresight.

Paul Cutler
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