Banshee, Mugshot, and AWN

I was pleasantly suprised to see that Banshee is now supported by Mugshot . I’ve been running Feisty for the last few weeks, and haven’t found a Mugshot .deb yet, but on my second machine I was testing out Foresight (different story for later), which had an up to date package for Mugshot. I was playing music on my main PC, look over to my second PC with Mugshot, and it’s reporting what songs I’ve just played. What a pleasant suprise! Talking to Aaron Bockover in IRC, it wasn’t developed by Banshee, so I’m guessing the lads at Red Hat are grabbing it via Dbus in the latest version of Mugshot.

In other Banshee news, Snorp has created a Banshee plugin for Avant Window Navigator . The plugin replaces the Banshee logo in your dock with the cover art from the current CD you’re playing. Make sure you have a newer version of AWN from Subversion – my AWN build from a week or two wasn’t compatible as Banshee would just keep crashing on Feisty.

Paul Cutler
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