Are you a fan of Banshee and using Ubuntu Dapper but frustrated because you can’t use all of the latest and greatest plugins that are available in CVS?

Well, Josiah has put up a webpage that includes a .deb file for Dapper, and the plugins to download, with instructions so you can use the latest and greatest version of Banshee. Included on the page are:

  • The MiniMode Plugin

  • The Podcast Plugin

  • The Radio Plugin

  • The Recommendation Plugin

  • Banshee-daap plugin

  • Banshee CVS

  • Everything above

Hit the link to get ’em. I decided to be daring, and installed the plugins in my .gnome2/banshee/plugins directory, but only the Recommendation plugin worked. Trying to use the Podcast or MiniMode Plugin would crash the default Dapper Banshee – so make sure you download the Banshee CVS deb!

Thanks Josiah! One of these days I should spend some time and take this the next step – compile CVS weekly and set up an apt repository for Dapper users.