Fantasy leagues for women

Bill Simmons at might be on to something: fantasy leagues for females .

Let’s be honest: most women don’t understand males’ fascination with all things fantasy, from baseball to football. But what if they had their own? Base it on Us Weekly, spend dollars against celebrities, and let the fantasy league be played!

Here’s the beauty of my new league. Let’s say you took a $5 flier on Denise Richards a while back, hoping she and Charlie Sheen would patch things up. But when, out of nowhere, she lands in a love triangle with Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear, she suddenly becomes Chris Shelton or Jonny Gomes, a bona fide sleeper! On the downside, I could easily see someone overpaying for Nicole Richie, thinking she might start to date Diddy or seek help for an eating disorder, and when she doesn’t, you’re playing catch-up for five months. See? The possibilities are endless.

Check out the article, Mr. Simmons is on to something.

Paul Cutler
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