GoDaddy Follow-up

Let’s just say that I received such a form letter in response to my email, that I won’t even post it. Basically they implied it was a problem with my webhost since I don’t host with GoDaddy. It led me to firing back this, short and sweet:

Your stock answer below does not answer either of my questions.

Let me be clear as to what my questions are:

  1. Why did GoDaddy park my domain for a period of 6-12 hours on 1/9/2006?
  1. Why did GoDaddy’s account management system on show me my

domain expired on 1/4/2006 when I had renewed on 12/8/2005.

Those two errors above cost me another 2 year domain renewal fee as I

believed my domain had expired when it had not. Having my domain hosted by

another webhosting company has nothing to do with your account management

system or you parking my domain and showing a GoDaddy page when I visited

Paul Cutler

Now they need to verify it’s me speaking to them, and the cycle continues.

Paul Cutler
Father. Husband. Vinyl Music Lover. Python student. He / him.