Weekend O' Fun

I’m back from my weekend of fun, if you were wondering where the blog updates were.

We had a mini get together, as we tried to keep the group (and more imporantly, the LAN party) manageable, especially as it’s the holiday time of year.

A few folks flew up from Texas, a few drove over the border from Wisconsin, and the core MN group got together. Friday night we hit Sportspage, with the best wings in Minnesota. The owner of the bar let us hook up a Xbox 360 on one of the plasmas, while the other plasma had the Gopher – Badger hockey game going. (Good job this weekend Badgers!)

Saturday saw a very relaxed LAN party, with Quake IV, UT2k4 (Bombing Run & CTF) and CS:S all played. And we wrapped up with some poker.

A good time was had by most… let’s say all but one, and he knows who he is. 😉

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