A follow-up from my visit to Houston last week: I finally had the chance to eat at a Sonic , “America’s Drive-In”.

The funny thing is, none of us had any idea it was only a drive-in. I see the commericals all the time on ESPN, and have wanted to stop there to see what it was all about. I see the breakfast food commericals about ten times more often than I do for their burgers.

They were all over Houston, I saw more Sonic’s than McDonald’s (which is fine with me). Drive through or drive-in are your only choices, maybe outdoor seating if you were lucky. Had a Jalapeno Double Burger with Tater Tots and a Lime-ade, all three of which were quite good for fast food.

Definitely better than your normal chains such as Hardees, McD’s or BK. Step up from Culvers ups here in the north, but not quite as good as an In ‘N Out out west.

And our thoughts are with you for those of you in Houston right now.

Paul Cutler
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