I’ll have to agree whole-heartedly with Jeff Waugh on this one : Reampsire!

Here’s a Linux company who went after Microsoft with their first name (Lindows), then took Microsoft’s money to the tune of $20 million to change it, going after a project that was more dissimilar than they were when they were called Linspire.

And then, to top it off, the article itslef is belittling and insulting to other Linux distributions. No matter how many flamewars go on at any given time in the Linux community, there is always some respect between distributions and it’s users. Because you’ve made the right choice and that choice is Linux.

Yet Linspire:

The name Freespire, however, did create some confusion in the short time it was used. The name implies a “free” copy of Linspire, which of course it is not. The very things that were taken out of Linspire for Andrew’s project are in fact some of the very things that make Linspire, well…Linspire. One of the main differences between Linspire and other Linux distros (Mandriva, Ubuntu, MEPIS, etc.) is that Linspire does include a lot of legal and paid-for 3rd-party licenses for things like mp3, Java, Flash, Quick Time, Windows Media, Bitstream fonts, Real media, music, etc., and this is all pre-loaded, tested and ready to use. Take all that away and you don’t have Linspire, you have something more like other Linux distros. So you see, the term Freespire (free + Linspire) is actually an oxymoron and would be a term like VanillaChocolateCake, where you take out all the chocolate.

Andrew has decided to change the name of his project to ‘squiggle’ to avoid any confusion.

The only true “Freespire,” would need to be a FREE COPY of the real LINSPIRE.

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