The more things change, the more things stay the same

USA Today’s Michael Hiestand’s column covers the shifts in the TV network’s announcer lineups now that NBC has picked up Sunday Night Football.

Let me express my disappointment in the quality of announcers on the air in the #1 lineups. In no particular order:

  • John Madden: Too old, too much of a showboat, and has lost his touch with today’s game
  • Joe Theisman: Not many original thoughts, was in the booth to argue with Paul Maguire (who was a much better color analyst than Theisman). Too animated.
  • Al Michaels: All class
  • Troy Aikman: Has gotten a lot better these last couple of years. Getting Cris Collinsworth out of the booth with him with only help him. Insightful analysis.
  • Joe Buck: Stick to baseball please.
  • Cris Collinsworth: Good riddance from Fox and the booth. Won’t have to put up with you calling Packer games, or on Sunday Night Football. Thank god.
  • Michelle Tafoya & Suzy Kolber: I really enjoy both of their sideline reporting. Blows away Pam Oliver at Fox or anyone MNF had before Ms. Tafoya.
  • SNF / MNF losing Mike Patrick and Paul Maguire is a huge blow. I really, really enjoyed the way they called football games. Take out Maguire & Theisman baiting each other, and it was the best broadcast of football weekly, including the analysis and ESPN’s presentation.
Paul Cutler
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