50 Songs for 50 States

On the Fourth of July, 89.3 The Current did a special, 50 Songs for 50 States , from 2pm until midnight.

Our timing driving back from Milwaukee was perfect, as the Rochester signal came in about quarter to 2, and we listened to it for the last few hours of the drive home, and I listened to it over the web for most of the night after that.

What a great mix of music – picking anywhere from 1-3 songs per state, either with the state’s name in the song / title, or an artist known for that state (like the Ramones for New York). It wasn’t just one song – it was over 150 songs, including some deep dives into specific cities in the U.S., including Athens, GA, Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin, New York and Detroit.

You can see and listen to the entire playlist (by hour) here .

Paul Cutler
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