GNOME Journal Issue 21 is out!

The GNOME Journal team has released the latest issue, featuring five brand new articles.

We have three articles based on talks and experiences at GUADEC 2010 in The Hague and two interviews.

What are you waiting for? Go read it!

GNOME Journal is licensed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Translate it, podcast it, share it!

Write for GNOME Journal!

With GUADEC having just ended, we’re looking for some GUADEC related stories for GNOME Journal.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Was it your first time at GUADEC? Share some thoughts about what you liked, saw or who you met.
  • Did you give a talk at GUADEC? Write it up as an article! Or, we’re happy to do an interview with you about your talk. Here’s a great example with J5 after last year’s GUADEC.
  • Did you see a new application or new technology that gets you excited? We’re always looking for app reviews. Write it up and we’ll include it!

If any of these interest you, please drop me an email at pcutler at gnome dot org. Don’t be shy – if you want a member of the GJ team to interview you, just ask!

GNOME Odds & Ends

Pantai Hill Park - Odds & Ends 02

A few different things going on:

  • Tomboy documentation is almost done in Mallard. I’ve really enjoyed using the Mallard syntax – so much less complex than Docbook. Every time I have to look up an element reference, I shake my head and think, “Duh! That makes so much more sense I should have figured that out!“. Nice work Shaun.
  • I triaged some docs bugs in GNOME Bugzilla. Want to get involved with the GNOME Documentation team but don’t know where to start? This wiki page has a list of projects looking for help with their documentation.
  • We had a Marketing team meeting earlier this month and we’re having another next month.
  • We’ll be having Sysadmin Team meeting soon too. (Surprise Sysadmin team members!)
  • We’re having a Snowy meeting tomorrow. I know it’s short notice, but I love the potential of Tomboy Online – if you can’t attend I’ve volunteered to post the log and meeting minutes. We need web designers, web developers, CouchDB folks (whoops!) – you name it there’s probably a role for you. Come get in on a project at the ground level! GNOME needs a web service likes this.
  • Rumor is we’ll have the beginnings of Banshee documentation showing up next week, stay tuned. (Though I have no idea where these rumors start, really!)
  • We’re in the final throes of pushing out a new GNOME Journal. Soon, I promise you, soon!

GNOME Journal Issue 17 out!

I’m two days late blogging about the latest release of GNOME Journal (and thanks to Danni for mentioning it!).

This is a very special issue written by women in the open source community. It’s the first time we’ve done a themed issue and all articles are by women in the open source community. Also, with the exception of Danni and Stormy who have written for GNOME Journal before, all are first time writers for GJ!

Women in open source (and the IT industry in general) is a topic I’m passionate about, having seen it first hand in a few different ways. My wife worked in the IT industry (at the same employer I did) for 8 years and I also helped manage the Geek Squad at Best Buy for a number of years before leaving 2 years ago. Having over 10,000 computer technicians there was definitely a lack of diversity and talent, including women, which is / was a focus area for the organization.

I’m proud to have helped manage the release (though it was a bit later than I had hoped due to my lack of time management skills). The idea for this issue came from the GNOME Women community, and they found the writers and drove this issue. Thank you!

We have eight articles in this issue (a record!):

  • Telepathy, Empathy and Mission Control 5 in GNOME 2.28
  • Telepathy Overview
  • The Un-Scary Screwdriver
  • Where are they now? The Participants of the 2006 Women’s Summer Outreach Program
  • Easy Breezy Beautiful GNOME Shell
  • GNOME desktop testing automation and how to use Mago
  • Epiphany from a – not so experienced – user perspective
  • An Interview with Leslie Hawthorn

We also had a number of new editors help out, and I’d like to personally thank Zonker and Sumana for all their help in making this release happen.

Go read it now!

GNOME Journal Issue 16

One of the highlights for me at GUADEC was the compliments I received on GNOME Journal. After over a year of inactivity, we have successfully revived GNOME Journal, with two releases within 60 days of each, and I have to admit, I enjoyed the recognition it gave me.

With that said, we are working on the next issue of GNOME Journal, which will be a special edition devoted to this past GCDS / GUADEC. We’re looking for writers! Did you see something cool last week you wanted to share with the community? Was there a talk or an application that inspired you, that you would like more people to learn about? Was it your first GUADEC and you’d be interesting in sharing your impressions, what you liked, and what you saw? (I really wanted to do an article like this, but I need to be honest myself and the fact I already have 2 articles planned for this issue and other time commitments).

If you’re interested in helping, either writing or editing, please drop me an email (pcutler at gnome dot org) or join the GNOME Journal mailing list. A big thank you to those who volunteered to help out with GNOME Journal, both writing and editing, at GUADEC and for all the kind comments.