It’s Gameday!

As a huge (American) football fan, it amuses me to no end how my children get into the excitement of game day. They know how much I love my football teams and want to know who the Packers (or Badgers) are playing each week, which other teams I want to win in the other games, and share my enthusiasm for the game. Jack’s knowledge of the players and the opposing teams is almost scary considering he is only 4 years old.

As a Wisconsin native living in Minnesota, they really get excited when the Green Bay Packers take on the Minnesota Vikings. (Though all real Packer fans know the real rivalry is with the Bears – a fact that Minnesotans just don’t understand. The Packer / Viking rivalry is nothing compared to that one – ask me about the time I went to a Packer / Bears game at Lambeau sometime).

So I was happy to see, that without any prompting from me, my two youngest pick out their own clothes this morning:


Now that brings a smile to my face. We’re just minutes from game time – go Pack go!


“The difference between winning and losing in the NFL is so small, but the emotions you feel afterward, winning as opposed to losing, is so great that it’s really not fair. When you lose, it’s almost like a part of you died. When you win, you’ve never felt more alive.”

Packers General Manager Ted Thompson

What a weekend of football

What a weekend! First, the Packers take apart the Seahawks after a costly start, with a game to remember on the Frozen Tundra with the snow blowing. And then the Cowboys, the #1 seed, lose to the Giants at Texas stadium.

It’s somehow fitting that 10 years after the Packers won the Super Bowl after hosting the NFC Championship game, that they host another one.

Cross your fingers my playoff tickets come through!

Go Pack!

Super Tecmo Brett

For those of us who grew up in the 80s, Super Tecmo Bowl was the best football game ever made. There was nothing like taking Herschel Walker 90 yards, turn around, run back to your own end zone, turn around again and run 100 yards for the score. All without being tackled.

Someone took the electrifying Packer win from last Monday night against Denver, and did a mashup with Super Tecmo Bowl.

Via Deadspin